Michael is

working on a new piece for Lisa Race, Sway.

Sway from Race Dance on Vimeo.


Can't stop playing with this.

A friend at work forwarded this to me and I keep coming back to it. In Bb 2.0 is a collaborative music and spoken word project conceived by Darren Solomon from Science for Girls, and developed with contributions from users.

Go to the website and trigger them all at the same time.


Amy Raymond

Amy and I met at OSU a couple of years ago and did our first piece together at that time. We have been working remotely on a few projects in Holland, Budapest and now San Francisco. I will be playing live in my studio (Columbus, OH) and streaming audio to the performance space (San Francisco, CA). The concert is this Saturday 8-10PM. Not exactly sure where yet....
Here is a short video about another project of Amy's:


Dance Free with Tea!

From my good buddy Jessica Harris.


Back in the big boy chair.

ADF 2009 was great, but a bunch of work this year. Played for Sara Procopio, David Dorfman, Gerri Houlihan, Pan Pietro, Brenda Daniels, Jenn Nugent, Mark Hiam, Abby Yager, Ming Lung Yang, Jesse Zaritt, a few improv jams and worked on new music for Faye Driscoll.

I also tried something new with my friend Dai Jin. Using Skype and a short audio cable, I sent my output to his computer which was connected to the sound system in the theater. He sent the video signal of the stage to me and we chated on another line while performing in real time. The concert was held in Shanghai, China at 8PM, which was 8AM for me in Durham, NC. Rehearsals were rough, good thing I am a morning person.

Here are some pictures of my screen during the showing:


3 is better than 1

Class these days at OSU could not be more enjoyable. I am joined this quarter by Joe Spurlock and Carlos Duran. Here is a clip from class this week:


asimplesound on facebook

friend up.

I can has new head.

Soaked the skin for 4 hours in a cooler and started pulling.

Basement smells funny.


night of electronic music

Please join us for an evening of electronic and computer based music. Original works by Anthony Vine, Robert Lunn, Benjamin Williams, Luis Obregon and Michael Wall. The concert is free and will happen in Sullivant Theater on May 22, 2009 at 8PM. For more information please contact Michael Wall at wall.134@osu.edu


Cracks in the shell.

8 years of getting played almost everyday and only 3 small cracks. Not too shabby.